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Reagent Test Kit

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  • 8th December 2023

Reagent is a compound or a substance that is missed with other substances to see if a chemical reaction occurs. You can use it to effectively figure out if someone you know has been doing drugs, and you can try it on yourself to find out if you are going to test clean in an upcoming drug test.

Reagent Test Kits

Marquis Mandelin and Mecke Reagents testing kit 3 Pack. 5ml Each with Identification Cards and Reaction Vial

Reagent Test Kit Pictures

Effectively tests and detects various drugs.


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NIK Drug Test Kit – A General, Marquis Reagent (Box of 10)

Reagent Test Images

Easy to use and gives accurate results.


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NIK Drug Test Kit – D LSD (Box of 10)

Reagent Testing Photos

LSD Test kit, easy application and accurate results.


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Marquis Reagent Test Kit for MDMA & Molly Drug Testing Kit Contains over 200 Tests

Pictures of MDMA Reagent Testing Kit

Effective testing kit for MDMA (Molly, Ecstasy).


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5ML Marquis Reagent

Images of Reagent Tests

Tests for speed, meth, molly, heroin, cocaine and others.


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