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Nicotine (Tobacco, Cotinine) Test Kit

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  • 8th December 2023

Suspect a relative, acquaintance or friend to be smoking cigarettes, or maybe chewing tobacco? Use one of the following testing kits to find out for sure. You can also use it on yourself to check if you have nicotine or its metabolite, cotinine in your system in case you have an official drug test coming up.

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Nicotine/Tobacco Test Kit

Nicotine Test Kit Pictures

Detects tobacco use from the recent past, up to 99% reliable, and very easy to use.

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Nicotine Smoking Smoke Cotine Cotinine Cot Tobacco Tabacco Single Testing Test Kit

Nicotine Drug Test Images

FDA approved, 99.99% accurate, simple to use, gives quick results.


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Cotinine Rapid Urine Dip Test for Nicotine Tobacco Cotine Cot Smoking

Nicotine Urine Test Images

Accurate urine nicotine tests, swift analysis and easy application.

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Smoke Check Nicotine Test

Pictures of Tobacco Drug Test

Can detect nicotine usage for up to 5-7 days.


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NicAlert – Instant Urine Nicotine Cotinine Tobacco Smoking Test + Second Hand Smoke

Images of Cotinine Test Kit

Tests for first and second hand smoke exposure, perfect for schools, coaches and parents.


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