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LSD (Acid) Test Kit

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  • 8th December 2023

The following drug testing kits will help you in identification and detection LSD usage in a friend or relative. You can also choose the test kit for yourself in case you have shot acid and want to test clean in an upcoming drug test.

Buy the Best LSD Testing Kit List

NIK Drug Test Kit – D LSD

LSD Test Kit Pictures

Easy to use, accurate and reliable testing kit for LSD.


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EZ Test for LSD and other Indoles

LSD Testing Kit Images

Accurate and trustworthy, this one is quick and easy.


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Mistral LSD PenTest Drug Identification and Narcotic Residue Detection Kit

Acid Test Kit Photos

Reliably detects and identifies LSD or shrooms within the system.


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5ML Ehrlic Reagent- EZ Test for LSD. Psilocibe, and other Indoles

Pictures of LSD Test Kits

Contains enough reagent for 25+ tests; includes 2 Indention Spot Plate and a Lab Quality Test Plate.


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Ehrlich’s Reagent testing kit. 5ml with Compound Identification Card and Reaction Vial

Images of LSD Testing Kits

Accurate test kit for LSD, inexpensive than similar products.


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