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How Long Does Salvia Stay in Your System

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  • 10th October 2016

What is  Salvia

Salvia, more specifically salvia divinorum, is a plant found in Oaxaca in Mexico. Its main element, ‘salvinorin A’ has psychoactive properties, which can cause hallucinogenic effects when administered into the body.

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How long does salvia last in your system

The duration for which salvia stays in the system has not been extensively studied with human subjects as much as primates. Results have revealed that half-life of the drug in these primates to be short, between 24 and 54 minutes. Based on this information, we can infer that in humans salvia will also have a short half-life and resultantly a short duration for elimination.

Does salvia show up on a drug test

It does, but only if it is specifically being looked for. Most drug tests are not designed to look for salvia, so unless you run out of luck and your employers want you in their ‘bad books,’ you should be fine.

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