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How Long Does Hash Stay in Your System

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  • 18th November 2016

What is hash

Hash, shortened from hashish is a product composed of purified or compressed preparations of resin glands, or trichomes, gathered from the cannabis plant, the same plant from which marijuana is made, and its active ingredient is the same as that of marijuana, i.e. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

Hash Pictures

How long does hash stay in your system for

THC within hash has a terminal half-life between 1-7 days. Thus, 5½-38½ days after you took hash, it will be eliminated from the system. Some metabolites of THC, however, have the tendency to stay in your body for much longer, sometimes as long as 70-90 days after cessation. The above timeframe is subject to vary based on certain factors like:

  • Age
  • Body mass
  • Liver and kidney functions
  • Diet and hydration levels
  • Metabolic rate
  • Other drugs being taken concurrently

Hash Drug Test

Urine 2 days-11 weeks
Blood 2 days
Saliva 1-10 days
Hair 90 days

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