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How Long Does Azithromycin Stay in Your System

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  • 25th August 2016

What is azithromycin

Azithromycin, an over-the-counter antibiotic drug, administered intravenously or orally, is used to treat middle ear infections, diarrhea pneumonia, strep throat, skin infections, and sexually transmitted diseases (STD), and sometimes even malaria.



How long does azithromycin stay in the body

Azithromycin has a long terminal half-life of 68 hours, with 50% of the drug being eliminated from your body after 3 days 20 hours after taking the last dose. Keeping in mind the 5.5 half-life thumb-rule, azithromycin takes 374 hours or 15½ days  to leave your system after the final dose.

Variable factors like age, health conditions and metabolic rate must be taken into consideration to determine how long azithromycin will stay in the system.

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