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Hair Drug Test Kit

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  • 16th December 2016

Hair drug tests provide us with the longest window for detection. Any of these following products give you a period of 90 days to detect a certain drug from the body.

Hair Follicle Drug Test Kit

HairConfirm Regular Hair Follicle 90-Day Drug History Test Kit

Hair Drug Test Kit Pictures

99.9% accuracy, ideal for parents and employers to keep a tab on their wards.


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HairConfirm Prescription 90-Day Hair Follicle Drug Test Kit

Hair Follicle Drug Test Kit Images

Detects marijuana, cocaine, percocet, vicodin and others.

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Psychemedics PDT90 At Home Hair Follical Drug Lab Test

Hair Test Kit Photos

Accurate and reliable hair drug testing kit for home.


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HairConfirm Business Prescription Hair Follicle Drug Test

Pictures of Drug Hair Test Kit

Tests for 7 recreational and 5 prescription drugs with up to 99% accuracy.


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