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Cocaine Test Kit

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  • 8th December 2023

Cocaine usage is still rampant in the country; using the following kits can give you a clear indication if someone has done cocaine in the recent past.

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10 Panel Dip Drug Testing Kit

Cocaine Test Kit Pictures

Testing kits for cocaine, heroin and other drugs. High accuracy levels, easy to use.

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Easy@Home 5 Panel Instant Urine Drug Test

Cocaine Testing Kit Images

Reliable and gives quick results. FDA approved product.

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Six Drug (THC/Coc/Opi/

Amph/Mamph/Benzo) Dip Test

Cocaine Drug Test Kit Photos

Instant results for cocaine, amphetamines, and 4 other drugs on abuse.

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Easy@Home 10 Pack 4 Panel Instant Urine Drug Test

Pictures of Cocaine Test Kits

Easy to use drug testing kit for cocaine and other substances. 99% accurate results.

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Single Panel Urine Drug Test Strip Cocaine (COC)

Images Cocaine Drug Testing Kits

Cocaine specific drug test kit, done via urine test, ideal for home testing, gives 99% reliable results.

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